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The Clouds Below-Phosphene
[bd_widgetarea id=”topspin-ep-widget”]  We are excited to release our debut EP today, Phosphene,  which you can get for free by joining our mailing list (don’t worry we will never spam you or share your e-mail ).

This music is the nucleus from which our sound will grow and only hints at the directions that we plan on taking the music from this day forward.  We are excited to evolve and explore and hope you will enjoy the ride with us.

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-Malcolm and Ben

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2 thoughts on “Get the Debut E.P. for Free

  1. Carl A

    Dear Malcolm and Ben,
    Following the listening of your debut album this web site is named for, I found myself entranced by your work. I have been a huge fan of the Electronic Music movement since Space-Music podcasts. Favoring Daft Punk’s work on Tron: Legacy. Hell Mr. Manson had his own variance in his work on The Matrix series. All fine examples of this genre. Your work, however, has rekindled my passion for it. The new direction that you two are taking causes my blood to pump in ways that have not been felt for at least three years.
    My hat is tipped in common passing as recognition, admiration, and respect. All I have heard for a fair amount of past is the Dub-Step Electronics. Which is favorable in certain moments of muse and I like it. But, these sounds and beats that come from you, speak to all of my senses and compel my spirit to seek activation of the body to express in ways I haven’t had in so long. Please, continue to produce. I gander with intense emotion towards your next project release.

    Thank you entirely more than words can equivalate,

    Carl Akin.

    1. thecloudsbelow

      Carl, this comment slipped past us in Cyberspace but we really appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot to us! Definitely hit us up on Facebook so we can connect We just released a new track that you can download on Soundcloud. Thanks again!
      -Ben and Malcolm

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