Future Music For The Electronic Age, Disarming Boundaries One Beat At A Time…

The Clouds Below-Phosphene

We have been playing  music together for many years, including our rock band Kaura, and have always been fans of electronic music.   Whether it was figuring out how to play  drum n bass music on instruments 10 years ago or dancing out on the playa at Burning Man, we have been inspired by the sub frequencies, the limitless borders, and the feeling one gets while dancing with friends or strangers.   The music on this debut EP only hints at the directions we plan on taking this music and that is the most exciting thing to us right now.   We have envisioned this project as live-based from the beginning and we can’t wait to bring this music to the stage.    Be sure to check out our video ‘Introducing the Clouds Below’  if you haven’t already watched it to get a hint of whats to come!

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